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Jewelry museum of Tehran

February 14, 2020 0 Comments travel-news
The ownership of Persia treasury was not clearly distinguished before the Safavid Dynasty. Nevertheless, for the time being, the government has collected and recorded them all in National Jewelry Museum. The current treasury contains valuable objects from Safavid, Qajar, and Pahlavi Dynasties. Safavid businessmen and trade experts have brought some of these precious items from India, Ottoman, France, and Italy to Isfahan, the capital city. Over the years, kings of Persia gave some of this jewelry to other nations as presents. Sometimes, they have gained as war trophies. Finally, in 1955 the current treasury was built and four years later it became the Central Bank of Iran property.Tehran has many large and small buildings.Old houses and Luxury homes. The museum is located on Ferdowsi Street, One of the busiest streets in the city. Where some of the country’s most important money exchanges and banks are located. Among these buildings, there is a Cube-shaped building. The only place to hold important Iranian financial and monetary documents. It is hard to describe in words.

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One of the largest collections of jewelry in the world. A number of the gems held in this collection are unique in the world and have not yet been set at a price. After climbing down some stairs and going through a huge security door, you will enter the treasury. First, there is the magnificent Peacock Throne which you cannot take your eyes off it. But you would better do, because there are so many fantastic items to see in this museum, and unfortunately, you have a limited time. When you enter the main hall, there are museum guides who will explain each vitrine and its objects to you. And don’t worry; they can speak English, German, French, and Arabic. Valuable rubies, precious gemstones, priceless crowns and tiaras (literally, no one can examine how much they are worth), countless diamonds, expensive swords and shields decorated with jewel are few examples of what you will see in the museum. Also, you will find the Sea of Light Diamond (Darya-ye Noor), the most famous object of the museum in the middle of the place.

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Treasures of National Jewelry Treasury

  1. Darya-I-Diamond

  2. Coronation Necklace

  3. Emerald Necklace

  4. The Noor-ol-Ain Tiara

  5. The Naderi Throne

  6. Chest filled with pearls

  7. Golden Flagon

  8. Jeweled Dish Cover

  9. Coronation Cape

  10. Shah’s Coronation Belt

  11. The Imperial Sword

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