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Introducing Niavaran Palace

Introducing Niyavaran Palace

Where is Niavaran palace?

Niavaran Historical Cultural Complex, Shahid Bahonar Square, Tehran, Iran.

introducing niavaran palace in iran

What is the history of this palace?

There is a historical construction in the middle of an elegant garden in the northern part of Tehran called Niavaran Palace. Covering an area of 9000 square meters, it comprises five buildings. Niavaran Palace was in fact the famous Qajar king’s, Naser al-Din Shah, summer resort which was later expanded by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The main Niavaran Palace was completed in 1968, which was supposed to be a reception hall for royal guests, but changed into the royal residence later. The king and his royal family lived here until the Islamic revolution in 1979. Mohammad Shah Qajar also built a small and simple building in the same garden. Later, in 1850, Nasser-al-Din Shah Qajar ordered to build a two-story building at the garden. He named himself the landlords, “Saheb Qaran” and as a result, he named the palace “Saheb-Qaraniyeh Palace”. The last building which was built at the Niavaran Palace Complex was Ahmad Shahi Palace. During the governor of Pahlavi II, all buildings except for the Ahmad Shahi Palace were destroyed and the current Niavaran Palace was built at the northern part of the garden with a modern style to be used as the residence of the royal family of Mohammad Reza Shah. The construction of this palace was finished in 1968. The Ahmad Shahi Pavilion (or Kushk-e Ahmad-Shahi) was then used as an exhibition center.
introducing niavaran palace in iran

What time is it of visiting Niyavaran Palace?

08:00 – 17:00


Why Niavaran Historical Collection?

  • One of the most fascinating historical sights of the capital.

  • It has a beautiful atmosphere and can create happy hours for you.

  • It has numerous palaces and museums.

  • Last residence of Mohammad Reza’s Shah Pahlavi.

  • A Masterpiece in Iranian Architecture.


What are the strengths of this palace?

  • valuable memorials of the Qajar period

  • One of the most fascinating historical sight of the capital

  • Opportunity to visit different museum in one complex

  • convenient access

Beautiful and spectacular garden.
introducing niavaran palace in iran

How much is the entrance fee for foreign tourists?

Niyacaran Historical Cultural Complex
Collection input500000 rial
Niavaran Dedicated Palace500000 rial
Jahan Nama Museum300000 rial
Ahmad Shahi Koshk300000 rial
Dedicated Library Museum300000 rial
Museum of Private Vehicles300000 rial


How big is the Niyavaran Palace?

The complex is located in a very large garden with an area of about 11 Hectares in the northern part of the city. It has a lot of historic charm and natural beauty.
introducing niavaran palace in iran

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