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Introducing Egyption Desert

Introducing Egyption Desert

Where is Egyptian desert?

Egypt A desert village in Isfahan province, Khor and Biabank city, Jandagh village, Egypt village

Introducing Egyption Desert in iran

How to get there (Tehran to Egypt desert)?

The distance between Tehran and Egypt is between 600 and 700 kilometers.

Route 1: Tehran, Semnan, Damghan, Teachers, Jandagh, and traffic police.

Route 2: Tehran, Qom, Kashan, Ardestan, Nain, Anarak Chopanan, Chah Malek, Farrokh.


Why Travel to the Egypt Desert?

  • The Egypt Desert is one of Iran’s most spectacular deserts that draw in many tourists.

  • The desert has good recreational facilities including safari, motorbikes

  • There are local accommodation to spend the night in the Egypt desert

Introducing Egyption Desert in iran

Why is it called the Egypt desert?

Since this village is not older than 100 years and its founder was a person named Joseph, people used to call here Farm of Joseph. After some years, a severe drought occurred, so Joseph was forced to dig some wells. For several years, people used the water of the wells until it was finished. Again, Joseph dug some wells and since the Prophet Joseph was in Egypt, people of this village named here Mesr. Mesr is the equivalent of Egypt in Persian.


Is there any accommodation in the Egypt desert?

For Staying, you can pitch a tent or rent houses in the Egypt Village.


How is the weather in the Egypt desert?

Generally, the Egypt Desert has hot and dry climate, but in the autumn and winter seasons the weather is cool. The best time to travel to the Egyptian Desert is the second half of the year.
Introducing Egyption Desert in iran

What are the main attractions of the Egypt desert?

  • Walking on warm Sands

  • Riding Camel

  • Riding Bike and Driving Off-Road Cars

  • Photography

  • Looking at Sky

  • riding bike

  • Overnight and watching the night sky


What is the best time to go?

September to December is the best time to travel to the Egypt Desert. As we enter September, the weather starts cooling down. If you are really excited to explore the stunning desert, autumn is the best time to travel to Iran. As the weather gets cooler, it gets easier to explore beautiful deserts.


Essential accessories for traveling to the Egypt desert?

Traveling hiking mountain shoes, a small one-day backpack, a suitable clothing for nature, Insect bite ointment because the Egypt desert has a lot of mosquitoes, a water tank, a flashlight, a hat and sunglasses, a bathing kit, and two bed sheets are most important stuff you have to take with yourself.
Introducing Egyption Desert in iran

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