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Introducing Alang Darreh

Introducing Alang Darreh

Introducing Alang Darreh ?

Alang Darreh is located in Gorgan city; Alang Darreh is different in seasons of year. To reach Alang Darreh you should getting away from centre of Gorgan. The forest park is located  near the Naharkhoran Gorgan. Alang Darreh is 185 hectares. This forest is part of a mass jungle of Iran.


Why Alang Darreh?

  • It is one of the natural park is located in Gorgan.

  • It is one of the most popular parks in autumn.

  • It is one of the best parks in Golestan province and Iran.

  • There are useful facilities for tourist.

  • It is one of the 7 tourism region of Iran.

alang darreh jungle, gorgan, iran
alang darreh jungle, gorgan, iran

Is there any sightseeing of Alang Darreh?

Walking in the heart of the forest, the forest full of oxygen, full of trees that the age of trees is long. For more safe you’d better walk on wooden bridge. One good thing about forest park, there isn’t any vehicles even days . Tourist and neighbors can walk safely from 9 AM to 6 PM without worrying about passing cars. If you continue your walking ,you will hear energitic sounds of river which name is Qolashi river, in addition, you can bring your picnic supplies, snacks, grap a barbecue. keep in mind  and pay attention, cooking shouldn’t damage the nature and trees.


Is there any accommodation in Alang Darreh?

There is no special place in Alang Darreh and the tourist can only use the camping area of this park. If the tourists want to stay at  a hotel ,They can also use of  the hotels of Gorgan.
alang darreh jungle, gorgan, iran
alang darreh jungle, gorgan, iran

Season of travel in Alang Darreh?

  • Spring and summer: Alang Darreh is green and the weather is cool and airy.

  • Autumn and winter: Autumn is king of seasons in this area and if  a snow come here is the best place for snowball fight.


How can I go to the Alang Darreh (Access path?)

Address: Golestan Province, 5 km southwest of Gorgan City, Alang Darreh Forest Park

Is there any attraction around the Alang Darreh?

  • Naharkhoran within 10 km

  • Ziarat village within 15 km

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