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Some of the The strangest tourist destinations in Iran

February 19, 2020 0 Comments tour-news

Bitumen River in Iran

Mamatin area is located in 25 km northeast of Ramhormoz of Khozestan province. The area has a rich history. Mamatin is a where black gold going out from the heart of the earth. Bitumen springs are look like bakery tenor. In this river water and petroleum is mixed and goring out from black springs.

Kandovan Village

Kandovan is an astonishing village located on the mountain flank of Sultan Daghi, Sabalan Mountain, located in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Kandovan Village is famous for its wonderful rocky architecture which is the result of volcanic activities and hand-carved structures. The inhabitants, basically, carved every room of the cliff houses like kitchens, halls, and even pens out of stone to make windows for the rooms and later, to decorate them with colorful glasses.

Danial Cave

Danial Cave – Mazandaran is one of the best places to explore! Adventure tourism involves more traveling to reach a point from where the adventure activities start. For instance, adventure tourists need different modes of transportation because activities such as mountain climbing, caving, hiking, and skydiving are organized far away from the main city. Mazandaran Province in north of Iran is one of the main destinations for this type of tourism!

Iran s Burnt city

Iran’s ‘Burnt City’, a Bronze Age archeological treasure trove, was once one of the world’s largest communities at the dawn of urban settlement. The city, called Shahr-e-Sookhteh, sits on the banks of the Helmand River along the Zahedan-Zabol road in the southeast province of Sistan.

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