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The strangest cemeteries in Iran

March 24, 2020 0 Comments public-news

Baghlogh Cemetery: The Cemetery is located in south of Khorasan Provinec. The cemetery has built far from the village and on the hill. Profile of the person who is dead has written on Vertical wooden columns.


Baghlogh Cemectery in iran            

Sefid Chah Cemetery: The Cemetery is located in one of city of Mazandaran province. According to locals, the tombstone of the dead has built according to their occupation.

            Sefid Chah Cemestry in iran  


Elf Cemetery: Silent and mysterious cemetery is located in the southeastern point of  Iran, Sistan Va Balocheshtan  province, Chabahar city, Tis village. The cemetery is known Elves Cemetery. It is more than 2,300 years old in which the Baloch have a long-standing belief that the nature of this village is the graveyard of elves.

            elf cemectery in iran        

Daral-e Salam Shiraz Cemetery: The cemetery is considered one of the oldest cemeteries in the world. Situated in the middle of Sibuyeh Boulevard, the cemetery is now in the middle of the city of Shiraz and is the burial place of many elders, mystics, scholars and cultural, religious and social influencers at Shiraz in Fars province. One of the most famous surviving works in Dural Salam Cemetery in Shiraz is known as Dar al-Salam Quadrangle, which is register number 4517 at dated 2001. It is interesting to create such a beautiful work in the center of the cemetery.


Darol Salam shiraz in iran            

Haftad Molla Cemetery: Mirjaveh town in Sistan and Baluchestan province has several historical and natural relics; Haftad Molla Cemetery is one of these unique attractions. These tombs are always under the shadow and they have never seen the direct light of the sun. These graves are from 800 years ago. Tombs are one of a kind. After burying the corpse, the four sides of the grave was elevated with stone and it was covered with some rocks, then a stairway was built out of bricks and form plaster on the rocks and then a it was covered with a reticular partition wall and finally this structure was filled with plaster and some parts of it was colored in red.

        Haftad Molla Cemetrey in iran        

Shahriri Cemetery: The cemetery is located in Ardebil province. Dating back the cemetery is 2000 BC years old. Near this area, there are Human stone statues without mouth. There are dozens of these, ranging in size from 40 to 360 cm.

          Shahriri Cemetery in iran          

The Stone lion Cemetery: the lion is symbol of Courage between Bakhtiyari Nomads. The Nomads used the symbol of lion on their tombstones. To commemorate the ups and downs people of this tribe who have experienced throughout history.

        Stone lion Cemetery in iran        

Khaled Nabi Cemetery: The cemetery is located is located in ninety kilometers northeast of Gonbad-e Kavous and fifty-five kilometers of Kalaleh in Gorgan province. Khalid Nabi Cemetery can be found at six kilometers of Gachi Sou village and on the Googajeh Dagh Mountain (seven hundred meters above the sea level) inside Panj Shir valley. According to the oral tradition of the Yomut Turkomans, Khaled Nabi was a pre-Islamic prophet. Khalid Nabi Cemetery is made of a rectangular structure with a dome, two metal columns, some windows, and an arch iron doorway. In this cemetery, there is a one and a half-meter tomb, on which there is a white blanket (it is framed with small pieces of colored textiles).

          khalid nabi cemetery in iran

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