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Water Tourism

Water Tourism

Water Tourism in Iran

People have different opinions of what a good trip is like. Each traveler has a specific idea of the perfect trip in his/her head. Many people like to wander around in nature and breathe the fresh air in, while many love to go sight-seeing and visit different historical touristic spots.

Some people travel to become acquainted with different cultures and traditions in different parts of the world, meet new people, make connections and foreign friends and try new things. Many travelers just need a change of the environment to relax and become energized for the start of a new week or a new year.

Because of the difference in touristic preferences, in recent years, many different types of tourism have emerged and new models of tourism have been designed to suit various tastes, budgets and personal preferences. Some of these variations might sound unfamiliar and bizarre at first, but with a deeper look to each kind, you can see the goal behind each type and the entertainments and benefits it can have.

You also realize the type of traveler you are by choosing a specific type of tourism this way, and can enjoy the most of your holidays on your next trip. In this section, you will be introduced to a very special type of tourism that is new, but highly entertaining and refreshing.

You may notice that you have always wanted to try these activities, but never knew it yourself! Well, Iran Traveler Services is here to help you plan the perfect trip in Iran, based on your interests. We introduce to you: Water tourism.

water tourism in iran
People have different opinions of what a good trip is like.

What Is Water Tourism?

As its name shows, water tourism involves any activity that has to do with water. Now you might ask yourself that this includes a huge verities of activities to do, and you are right. From sailing, to swimming, and to go visiting the beautiful natural waters in the nature, you name it.

Every recreational activity that is water related is a part of water tourism. Now when it comes to water tourism, every city or country has a specific or even limited types of activities that can be carried out under the name of water tourism.

Based on the climate of the region, the culture, the weather, the availability of resources, and the natural environment. So don’t expect water tourism to be the same in every country or city you visit, however, that’s one of the exciting things about this type of tourism. You can never know what you may face.


In below, Iran Travelers Services introduces some of the activities carried out while on a water tourism trip:


Water Tourism and Visiting the Beach

One of the most basic and simple activities to do if you are trying water tourism is going to the beach. Almost every traveler likes to lie down on the sands, drink something, read a book and relax. Even watching the tides alone can make someone enjoy time.

But that’s not all you can do when you visit the shore. At beach, there are numerous activity to do based on the country you are visiting. You can use the tanning area, visit the spa, visit the bar and have cold, icy drinks and snacks, get a henna tattoo or go to the hair salon. You can go swimming as well, and ride a boat. There are thousands of beach activities to do and you can never be bored when visiting the beach.

water tourism in iran
Every recreational activity that is water related is a part of water tourism.

Water Tourism and Ocean Activities

In the ocean, there are hundreds of amazements waiting for the tourists. Doing different activities in the water is one of the main entertainments of water tourism. In the ocean you can go on a motor boat ride with your friends and family and see the vastness of the ocean and the beauty up close.

Another popular activity to do while on a water tourism trip is water sports. You can go diving, and watch under the ocean, the plant life and the sea creatures. In many countries including Iran, there are sessions that will teach you how to dive in the ocean even if you are an amateur and have never tried it before!


Water Tourism at the Waterpark

Another fun part of water tourism is visiting a water park. Not every cities have a water park, but ones that do, have a couple of clean and modernly equipped water parks for tourists and citizens to enjoy. Visiting a water park can be a safe and super fun activities for the whole family, especially little kids. If you are afraid of the ocean, don’t be worried, Iran Traveler Services got you covered with some exciting news: you can enjoy water tourism without visiting the ocean even once!


Water Tourism in Nature

Different countries have different but equally magnificent and splendid natural environment. From jungles to lakes, water tourism can be enjoyed in the nature as well. Visiting small or big, rare and common natural lakes, huge waterfalls, exciting and raw lagoons, sublime rivers and streams, caves and other water bearing spots in nature are all a part of water tourism. In a jungle tour as an example, you will be taken to a lagoon, waterfall, stream or all three and can enjoy the flow of natural, fresh water under your feet.

water tourism in iran
In the ocean, there are hundreds of amazements waiting for the tourists.

Why Water Tourism in Iran?

Iran is surrounded by water from north and south. The largest lake in the world, the Caspian Sea is located on the northern part of the country, and on the southern part, we have the Persian Gulf, and the Oman Sea. Apart from large seas, Iran has several lakes, waterfall and rivers in its beautiful and mesmerizing nature. Such a country can have a great potential for the industry of water tourism.


Iran Islands

The islands in Iran are a great touristic spot to visit if you are a fan of water tourism. Islands like Qeshm, Kish and Hormoz located in the Persian Gulf are entertaining and relaxing touristic spots to go to. There are numerous water tourism activities to be done in these Islands, from beach sports and activities to wonderful natural spots. As an example, the dolphinarium in Kish is one of the most entertaining events you must attend if you ever visit this Island.


Waterfalls, lakes and Rivers

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world are located in Iran, and you must visit them while you spend your time here. Margoon and Shalmash waterfalls are amongst the most famous and wondrous ones to go to. The Karoon, Zayanderood, Jajrood, Aras and Sefidrood rivers are some of the famous rivers in Iran that can be attended by tourists interested in water tourism. These rivers are historically significant and naturally beautiful and relaxing at the same time.

water tourism in iran
The islands in Iran are a great touristic spot to visit if you are a fan of water tourism.

Why Water Tourism?

Many cities are incorporating their valuable water resources to attract more tourists every year. And there is enough reason to do so. Tourists all around the globe love to visit the waterside and get involved in activities involving water. From swimming and boat riding and other water sports, to just observing the flow, getting involved with water is joyful and relaxing. Allocating some time to specifically be around water can be a very special and unwinding experience, great for body and mind.


Is Water Tourism Suitable for You?

Do you enjoy activities, hobbies and sports involving water? Do you like spending your free time in local swimming pools, near beaches and waterparks? Do you enjoy the relaxing sound of water? Do you like to spend your time in nature, preferably seas, waterfalls or riversides? If your answer to any of the questions above is positive, water tourism is the perfect choice for you.

water tourism in iran
Do you enjoy activities, hobbies and sports involving water?

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