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Halal Tourism

Halal Tourism

Halal Tourism

People have different opinions of what a good trip is like. Each traveler has a specific idea of the perfect trip in his/her head. Many people like to wander around in nature and breathe the fresh air in, while many love to go sight-seeing and visit different historical touristic spots. Some people travel to become acquainted with different cultures and traditions in different parts of the world, meet new people, make connections and foreign friends and try new things. Many travelers just need a change of the environment to relax and become energized for the start of a new week or a new year. Because of the difference in touristic preferences, in recent years, many different types of tourism have emerged and new models of tourism have been designed to suit various tastes, budgets and personal preferences. Some of these variations might sound unfamiliar and bizarre at first, but with a deeper look to each kind, you can see the goal behind each type and the entertainments and benefits it can have. You also realize the type of traveler you are by choosing a specific type of tourism this way, and can enjoy the most of your holidays on your next trip. In this section, you will be introduced to a very special type of tourism that is new, but highly entertaining and refreshing. You may notice that you have always wanted to try these activities, but never knew it yourself! Well, Iran Traveler Services is here to help you plan the perfect trip in Iran, based on your interests. In this article, we would introduce halal tourism to you, as it might be pretty unknown because of its unique and new nature.
halal tourism in iran
People have different opinions of what a good trip is like.

What is Halal Tourism?

Halal or halal-friendly tourism is relatively new, compared to other types of tourism invented all around the world. This type of tourism is famous amongst Muslims in specific, because of their religious beliefs. However, it can also be new and educational for non-Muslims as well.

Halal tourism is a type of tourism that is specially modified for the religious beliefs and traditions of Muslim people. This type of tourism can be separated from other types by three important divisions of tourism: Food and Drinks, entertainment and accommodation.


Food and drinks

In Halal tourism tour packages and scheduling, food and drinks play a crucial part. The reason is that Muslims have a specific way of preparing food to consume in order for it to be acceptable under the religious rules or in other words, “Halal.” Furthermore, some types of foods are not acceptable to eat in Islam or in other words, are not “Halal.” For example, fish or any other marine animal must be killed immediately after being caught from the water, so the animal does not suffer a slow death. Or a farm animal must be given water before being killed. More importantly, some animal meats cannot be consumed by Muslims, including bacon.

An important part of halal tourism is providing a no-alcohol policy for the Muslims tourists, as consuming alcohol is banned in Islam or in other words, it is not halal. Many tourism agencies and holdings consider these traditions and make sure to recommend halal-friendly food and drink services to their tourists, including Iran Traveler Services. Tourism agencies around the world recommend alcohol free environments such as different hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities for the comfort of their Muslim tourists from all around the world.


Entertainment and Facilities

Apart from facilities that provide halal prepared and served food and drinks, it is important for Muslim tourist to feel comfortable and fully entertained during their travel time. As an example, many water parks or pools in Muslim countries offer separated areas for men and women to hang out and have fun in. This can provide a positive experience for the Muslim tourist during their trip.

halal tourism in iran
In Halal tourism tour packages and scheduling, food and drinks play a crucial part.

Why Halal Tourism?

The population of Muslim tourists are increasing every day and therefore the specific needs of this religious group and ethnicity needs to be fully met for the tourism industry to grow. The Muslim population of tourists cannot be ignored anymore, and their traditions and beliefs must be respected for their comfort.  Halal-tourism is becoming more and more famous every day because of this, and more countries and tourism holdings and agencies are starting to consider the interests and needs of the Muslim tourists all around the globe. Specially in middle eastern and muslim countries, muslim and non muslim tourists from all around the globe gather to cherish this particular type of tourism and enjoy a different kind of entertainment from the usual. Halal tourism can be a comfortable choice for muslims and an exotic, new option for non muslims to experience the world of tourism around them in a different manner.


Why Choose Iran for Halal Tourism?

The tourism potential of our beautiful country Iran is truly unlimited. Natural to historical and cultural touristic sights, great cuisine and unlimited hospitality of our kind people has made Iran a great country to visit during your holidays. But Iran is also a highly suitable destination for Halal tourism.

The official religion of Iran is Islam and most of the population of the country are Muslims. Because of this, all of the entertainment facilities, restaurants and cafes in Iran are compatible with Halal and Muslim lifestyle. In Iran, Muslims can be sure their beliefs and traditions are respected at every location and they can enjoy their trip comfortably and without any worries.

halal tourism in iran
The tourism potential of our beautiful country Iran is truly unlimited.

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