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Types of Tourism in Iran

Type of tourism in Iran


Types of Tourism


Tourism is one of the most profitable and popular industries in the world. It is growing very fast, and it is a source of cultural and financial exchange between different nations in the world. It is a highly important industry and can create jobs and employ hundreds of people on a yearly basis. However, tourism can be very difficult to define exactly, because it usually contain several different cultural, economic, religious and strictly recreational activities. Even so, almost every person in the world is familiar with the concept. The word tour means a tool for making a circle in Latin. It is the movement of people from their homeland to another place, with the intention to return. The goals behind this journey can be different based on each individual personality, lifestyle and preferences.

More than 10 different types of tourism exist. Because of this, everyone can enjoy spending their time by participating in tourism. Iran Traveler Services has a variety of different tourism packages to offer you based on your budget and preferences. We also introduce the different types of tourism and recommend packages based on your personal interests. People have different opinions of what a good trip is like. Each traveler has a specific idea of the perfect trip in his/her head. Many people like to wander around in nature and breathe the fresh air in, while many love to go sight-seeing and visit different historical touristic spots. Some people travel to become acquainted with different cultures and traditions in different parts of the world, meet new people, make connections and foreign friends and try new things. Many travelers just need a change of the environment to relax and become energized for the start of a new week or a new year. Because of the difference in touristic preferences, in recent years, many different types of tourism have emerged and new models of tourism have been designed to suit various tastes, budgets and personal preferences. Some of these variations might sound unfamiliar and bizarre at first, but with a deeper look to each kind, you can see the goal behind each type and the entertainments and benefits it can have. You also realize the type of traveler you are by choosing a specific type of tourism this way, and can enjoy the most of your holidays on your next trip. In this section, you will be introduced to a very special type of tourism that is new, but highly entertaining and refreshing. You may notice that you have always wanted to try these activities, but never knew it yourself!


Benefits of Tourism

Almost everyone involved in the lucrative industry of tourism benefits from it one way or the other. Below we try to explain some important ways tourism benefits the individual and the society as a whole:


Tourism creates jobs

Thousands of people are employed in different branches of this profitable industry. From simple service and office jobs, to being an important and well known CEO, the industry creates a bunch of different occupations for professionals and unprofessional equally.


Tourism is Educational

Tourism can be a great way for teaching. From teaching history, to culture and foreign studies, tourism can be of high value when it comes to teaching purposes. By joining the tourism industry, you can learn a handful of stuff you had never heard before or knew in your life. Participating in tourism is a very rich and thought provoking experience.


Tourism promotes real estate development

Tourists often rent or buy a place to stay in, if they are not interested in hotels or staying for a longer time. Tourism can help the real estate industry a lot.


Tourism brings in the money

You can help the economy of a country by a great deal with participating in tourism of that country. Countries depend on tourism as an investment to bring in the money and profit. Tourists love to spend their money while on a trip and to try different places, foods and shop.


Tourism promotes arts

The industry of tourism can help the artist in the society to shine and bring on their most valuable art to the stage. Since many tourist are interested in foreign cultures and traditions, art can be practiced as a manifestation of the counties cultural history and background.


Tourism leads to improvement in the country

A country that invest in the industry of tourism needs to prepare itself for the thousands of tourists visiting its lands and touristic spots every year, especially on high seasons. This leads to the improvement of the country as a whole.


Tourism is good for the Soul

Traveling and getting away from home is necessary from time to time. Every human being needs to take off some time to relax and have fun, getting away from all the problems and work. Tourism is a great way to blow off some steam and boost the energy back up. Furthermore, tourism can help people become familiar with different identities, cultures and geographies and broaden the perspective, which is highly beneficial.


Tourism helps reach glibal standards

Countries with a rich tourism potential compete with one another to get the most tourists inside the country. This leads to healthy competition between countries to reach a certain standard practiced globally.

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