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Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers

The thrill of shopping. Not only every person in the world has the thrill, but it also drives travelers from all around the world to go shopping while abroad. In Iran, there are several great shopping malls and shopping centers to visit. They vary in price range based on their location, therefore there is a market for every budget. Every tourist in Iran can enjoy shopping freely, furthermore, because of the difference of currencies, the prices in Iran for different commodities such as clothing, toys, etc. will be much lower than your home country, if you are coming from the US, Canada, or European countries.

Shopping center in Iran
Enjoy your shopping in the biggest shopping malls in Iran

The best shopping centers in Iran are located in the big, populated and industrial cities, especially Tehran. Iran Traveler Services provides a list of the best shopping centers in the country, and will introduce them one by one.


We will start with the shopping centers of the capital, Tehran:

  1. Palladium Shopping Center
  2. Bamland Complex
  3. Koroush Complex
  4. Iran Mall
  5. Sam Center
  6. Opal Shopping Center
  7. Mega Mall
  8. Modern Elahiye Complex
  9. Tiraje Shopping Center
  10. Almas Mall
  11. Charsoo Shopping Center
  12. Arg Mall
  13. The Big Bazar of Tehran
  14. The Big Bazar of Tajrish
  15. Sana Shopping Center
  16. Milade Noor Shopping Center
  17. Golestan Complex
  18. Boostan Shopping Center
Shopping center in Iran
Have a good, quality and cheap shopping experience in Iran

Some other great shopping centers located in cities such as Kish Island, Shiraz Mashhad and Isfahan are mentioned below:

  1. Isfahan City Center located at Isfahan
  2. Persian Gulf Complex located at Shiraz
  3. Almase Shargh located at Mashhad
  4. Kian Center located at Mashhad
  5. Proma Hypermarket located at Mashhad
  6. Kish Trade Center located at Kish Island
  7. Pardis 1 and Pardis 2 located at Kish Island
  8. Marjan Mall located at Kish Island
  9. Venus Mall Kish located at Island
  10. Morvarid Mall located at Kish Island
  11. Maryam International Market located at Kish Island
  12. Khalije-Pars Market located at Kish Island
  13. Zeitun Mall located at Kish Island
Shopping center in Iran
We have made a pleasant purchase in different cities of Iran

Some of these malls are luxurious and full of brand names, and the others have more affordable high and moderate quality goods. Both types are perfect options for international travelers. Do not miss out on visiting the malls in Iran, as you will surely be surprised by the environment, architecture, atmosphere, and the technology. A lot of these shopping centers have food courts and cafes, and you can enjoy a great relaxing time after your shopping session in the food areas, offering different types of Iranian traditional, fast food and at times, international food.


Shopping can be so much fun, especially when you are on a trip. You can get familiar with many new products not available in your country and get to know different shopping cultures and the people of that country since you can find different groups of people shopping in the mall. It’s also a free and easy way to spend free time until your next event, you can just go window shopping and enjoy the look of exciting new goods in the market.

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