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Rental car

Rental Car

Rental car

In order to get around the in the city or go out of town, there are many different means of transportation to choose from. Travelers usually seek for the most comfortable, fast and budget friendly means of transportation during their travel time. Iran Traveler Services provides you with one of the best options available to tourists who visit our beautiful country Iran.

Renting a car can be the best choice for you dependent on the type of traveler you are. You should always check the pros and cons of every means of transportation during your trip to be able to choose the best option for you. Iran Traveler Services will list some of the pros and cons of renting a car while on a trip.

rental car in Iran
If you want to drive iran by car, we provide it for you



  1. Schedule your own timetable

Many travelers like to be on their own time while they travel. They like to schedule all the events themselves and renting a car allows you to schedule a fun event, any time of the day, without limitations.


  1. No need to rush

A trip on fast forward can ruin any traveler’s joy. If you are here to relax and lay back, blow off some steam and have fun, renting a car might be the perfect option. Your transportation service is at your own hand. Feel free to get going any time you want!


  1. Have an emergency option

There might be some very urgent and emergent times while you are on a trip and you need to get to your destination as soon as possible. Having a rented car of your own can save precious minutes of your time while you are racing for it.


  1. Have privacy

Sometimes you just need to be on your own, and sharing your ride with the driver or the other passengers is not an option.  Many travelers do not want to share their ride at all, for many different reasons. Rental cars are the perfect choice for keeping your privacy.


  1. Enjoy the extra comfort

Having a private vehicle of your own can be super comfortable. You can just lay back and enjoy!


  1. Enjoy the road trip and the drive

Many people love to drive on the road. It feels relaxing and enjoyable. Also, the comfortable and private road trip with your friends and family can be so much fun. Car rental is a great option for enjoying a fun road trip, stop several times, and have a good look at the picturesque.

rental car in Iran
Fast and secure car rental is our specialty



  1. It may not fit your budget

A rental car is usually affordable in Iran, but every budget is different from the other. So you must have in mind to check your budget before considering renting a car.


  1. You must have a driving license

That’s a given. You cannot drive a car in Iran without a driving license. The minimum age of driving in Iran is 18.


  1. You must use a map

a foreign country or even a foreign city, you must use a map to get around. Fortunately, with the recent development of technology, there are several online maps and mobile applications you can use to find your way in the city. Applications such as Google Map and Waze.

Iran Traveler Services will provide you with some of the best vehicles available in Iran for rent, in order for you to enjoy your time in Iran. We try to keep the price as low as possible and also offer different models and prices for every taste and every budget.


Easily book your car in Iran
Easily book your car in Iran

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