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Photography and Filming

Photography & Filming

Photography and Filming

There are so many unique natural wonders and architectural marvels in Iran. Every tourist and every photographer can be create the best beautiful photo and film by own camera such as photography of desert, sea, mountain, traditional life style ,traditional food ,clothes and dance, festivals, historical places and …. All of them are available.


Iran Travel services complex recommend to you the most popular places in Iran for photography.

photography and camera

For examples:


  • The Azadi Tower in Tehran (Historical place and symbol of Tehran)
  • Golestan palace in Tehran
  • The Rooftops of Kashan
  • Takhtejamshid complex in Shiraz
  • Hafiziyeh In Shiraz
  • Shahrestanak in fall in Chaloos
  • The Shah Mosque in Isfehan
  • The Nasir Al-Molk Mosque in Shiraz
  • Hormoz Island and …


Iran Travel services Complex has 5 tips about photography in Iran:


1.     Use professional cameras with big Lenses outside historic monument and museum
2.     Apply for special photography permit for certain places
3.     Take photos and films of people only they allow you
4.     Don’t take photo of forbidden things
5.     When you take photo of yourself be careful.

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