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What Is Neck Lift?

Neck Lift


What Is Neck Lift?

Neck lift is a surgical procedure that changes the appearance of face and neck and creates a smoother and slimmer profile by removing excess fat and loose skin in the neck area. It can treat turkey neck, double chin and puffiness in the area. In a neck lift procedure, many steps can be carried out to help fix the appearance of the neck. Steps like liposuction, removing excess skin, Botox and laser therapy.

Why Neck Lift?

The appearance of the facial area is very important to many people, men or women. An unpleasant or unsatisfying profile can damage self-image and lower self confidence in individuals. Neck lift can alter the unsatisfying appearance of chin and neck area, and improve the visual profile of the face. It can solve problems in the neck area such as turkey neck, loose and layered skin, double chin, puffiness and excess fat. Neck lift creates a more youthful, smoother and firmer appearance in the neck and surrounding area. Surgery is a quick, easy fix for altering the shape of neck and face, and it is going to be permanent throughout an individual’s lifetime.

How Is Neck Lift Performed?

Before the operation, the plastic surgeon will consult with you during a session about the outcomes and results of the surgery. You and your surgeon will discuss the problem areas in the neck and chin and decide on the best shape and alterations that will satisfy you and suit your profile the best. Your surgeon will ban you from smoking and taking certain medications such as blood thinners (Aspirin, etc.) before your operation.
You will be under local or general anesthesia during the surgery and it is made sure that you are comfortable during this time. The plastic surgeon will start by making small incisions behind and under your ears and under your chin. He may choose to use liposuction to remove excess fat from the area, based on your condition and preferences. The surgeon will tighten the muscles and tissue underneath the skin and fixes the tissues if necessary. He may remove some loose skin to create a better appearance and a firmer looking finish.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Neck Lift?

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for a neck lift. You should meet certain criteria in order to receive the neck lift procedure. Candidates for the neck lift surgery must:

  • Be healthy individuals with no serious medical conditions.

  • Be nonsmokers

  • Have a realistic expectation towards cosmetic surgery

  • Be unsatisfied with the lower part of their face and neck area

  • Have an ideal weight and BMI

  • Have significant amount of loose skin under the chin and on neck


What to Expect After A Neck Lift?

Just like any other surgical procedure, it is normal to experience some pain, bruising, swelling and numbness on the area. You will be given painkillers to ease your pain and reduce the swelling. You may feel tightness around the neck, tingling and pulling which are normal as well during the first few weeks.
You can return to your normal daily life in two weeks, but for exercising and strenuous activity, you must wait at least for weeks to allow your body to heal itself. You need to avoid bending and twisting your neck and lifting heavy objects for a few weeks in order to let your body heal.
It is crucial to contact your doctor if you felt anything out of ordinary and follow your surgical team instruction to avoid post operation complications. It can take months for the final result of the neck lift to show, so you need to be patient. The incision lines take up to six months to fade, and during this time you should avoid sun exposure.

What Are the Risks of Neck Lift?

Every surgical procedure comes with general and specific risks. Some of the risk if neck lift procedure includes:

  • Anesthesia risks

  • Infection

  • Bleeding

  • Asymmetrical facial features

  • Skin loss

  • Nerve damage and loss of sensitivity

  • Visible scarring

  • Pain and swelling that persist more than a few weeks

  • Hair loss around incisions

  • Discoloration of the skin

  • Hematoma

  • Unsatisfactory results


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