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What Is Gum lift?

Gum lift


What Is Gum lift?

Gum lift or sometimes known as gum reshaping and tissue sculpturing is a surgical procedure in which the low gum line is sculptured, reshaped and changed to omit the appearance of gummy smile or other gum problems. A low gum line can be existent in an individual due to various reasons, and the gum lift procedure can solve the problem and fix the appearance and function of the gums quickly, making them more pleasing and/or symmetrical.

Why Gum Lift and Who is a Candidate?

Nowadays, with various cosmetic and therapeutic dental procedures, a perfect set of teeth and a beautiful smile is not a dream anymore. A perfect looking and pleasant smile can have a huge effect on the aesthetics of the face and therefore self-image and self-confidence. As a result, people all around the world are looking for procedures to fix up their frontal teeth.
Different reasons are behind a low gum line. A low gum line can occur due to genetic reasons, particular diseases and medicines. This type of gum line can make the teeth appear short or small and ruin a beautiful smile. A low gum line create a certain type of smile called the “gummy smile,” which is considered unpleasant looking by many people. Gummy smile occurs for a couple of different reasons:
  • Tooth eruption

  • Passive and active altered eruption

  • Abnormal upper or lower lip

  • Short upper lip

  • Abnormally long upper jaw

  • Abnormally small lower jaw

A gum lift can significantly fix the problem of gummy smile and remove the excessive gum tissue from the frontal teeth.
Gum contouring is usually carried out due to cosmetic and aesthetical reasons, but they can also be considered therapeutic as well. The gum lift procedure:
  • Improves the appearance of frontal teeth

  • Lengthen and shorten crown height

  • Reduces the amount of visible gingiva

  • Helps with the other dental procedures that needs to be performed on the teeth


How Is Gum Lift Done?

Before the procedure, your dentist will consult with you about the final results of the surgery and the after care. He/she may draw a line on the gums to show you the final look of the gum line.
Your dentist will inject anesthesia into the gums to numb them during the operation. The gum tissue is trimmed and reshaped to achieve the desired look. Sometimes, the gum is separated from the bone if reconstruction of the bones is needed as well. The new gum tissue is stitched on its new place.
What to Expect After a Gum Lift Surgery?

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