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What Is Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek Augmentation


What Is Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation is a surgical procedure in which the shape and size of cheeks are altered to bring out a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to cheeks and the face. Cheek augmentation can bring volume and contoured look for the cheeks. This can be done by using various materials and methods including fat, implants and fillings. The cheek augmentation procedure is often performed combined with a face lift to provide the best results possible.

Why Cheek Augmentation?

Facial features can be very important to many individuals, specifically women. A satisfying and pleasant looking profile can affect self-image in a positive way, and improve self-confidence significantly. It is important for every individual to be happy with who he/she is, and be pleased while looking in the mirror. Cheek augmentation as a type of cosmetic surgery can aid create the perfect look in the upper part of your face, and shape the cheeks as you desire. This procedure can solve the problem of sunken or hollow cheeks.


Who Is a Candidate for Cheek Augmentation?

Not every individual is the perfect candidate for cheek augmentation. You must meet certain criteria before deciding on a cheek augmentation procedure. Suitable candidates for cheek augmentation must:
  • Be healthy individuals with no serious medical conditions

  • Have an ideal weight and BMI

  • Be nonsmokers

  • Be realistic towards the results of cosmetic surgery

  • Be unsatisfied with the look of their cheeks

  • Not have saggy, thin or flat cheek

For more information about the candidacy for each type of cheek augmentation, refer to the next section.


How Is Cheek Augmentation Performed?

There are three main types of cheek augmentation based on what is used to fill the area underneath the skin of cheeks. Cheeks are filled with different types of materials to appear fuller and bolder.

  1. Implants

Cheek augmentation can be carried out using artificial implants. This is the only method of cheek augmentation that is considered permanent.  Implants are made out of different materials, but they are usually made of silicones. Gore-Tex and Medpor are also used as implants for the cheek area. Medpor implants get fused to cheekbones over time and can create a more natural look, however because of this, they cannot be removed and this can become problematic for some individuals. However, silicone implants are removable at any time.
For placing the implants, you will undergo general or/and local anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will make small incisions under eyelids or inside the mouth to place the implants inside the cheeks.
The best candidates for this type of cheek augmentation are those who want to alter the mid-section of their face permanently. Skin that is healthy and not too thin is necessary for implants to look appropriate while under the skin.

  1. Fat Transfer

Your plastic surgeon can use the excessive fat from your own body to inject inside the cheek area in order to create a more contoured and fuller look. In this method, the final results is much more natural and the chances of an allergic reaction is lower since fat is used from one’s own body to perform the procedure. However, the results of this type of cheek augmentation is not permanent but will last for a long time.
You will be under general and/or local anesthesia for the procedure. Injection is the method used to fill in the cheek area. Fat is liposuction from areas like thighs and stomach and fat cells are collected, cleaned and separated in order to be prepared for injection. The prepared fat cells will be injected into the cheeks using syringes.
The best candidates for this type of cheek augmentation are those who have a healthy and sufficient supply of fat for harvesting. The candidate should also have ideal weight and should not have acute infections.

  1. Fillers

Injection of dermal fillers is the simplest method of cheek augmentation. Artificial material are injected under the line of cheekbones to create a more contoured look for the cheeks. Your surgeon will use local anesthesia to make you comfortable during the operation. The process is quite easy compared to the other methods. Your doctor will limit the injections to avoid excessive scarring.
The best candidates for this type of cheek augmentation is those who are after a less invasive type of surgery, as the results of using dermal fills and fat are quite alike. Using dermal fillers are not as long lasting as the other methods and it is not suitable for patients who are pregnant, breast feeding or have a sinus infection.


What to Expect After a Cheek Augmentation Procedure?

You will be experiencing pain, swelling and bruising and redness after your procedure. Your surgeon will prescribe medications to ease your pain and discomfort. You need to limit activities for a few weeks but can return to your normal daily activities after a week. The wound dressing will remain on the cheeks for almost three days. You can see the results after about six weeks, when the swelling is completely down. You should be very careful to avoid post operation infection. Always follow your surgical team post operation instruction to avoid any complications. Contact your doctor immediately in case of an emergency.


What Are the Risks of Cheek Augmentation?

Every surgery has general and specific risks that should be acknowledge before the operation. The hospital will make you sign a document showing you were aware of the risks of the surgery before the procedure. The general and specific risk of cheek augmentation procedures are:
  • Anesthesia risks

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Infection

  • Asymmetry

  • Reabsorption of the fat in the fat transfer method

  • Fat necrosis

  • Nerve damage and numbness

  • Blood cloth


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