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Laser hair Removal in Iran

February 12, 2020 0 Comments medical-news
Laser hair removal is a convenient, noninvasive method for permanently reducing or removing unwanted facial or body hair. It leaves the skin looking smoother and silkier than waxing, electrolysis or razors and is a gentle technique that can treat larger areas effectively with minimal discomfort and with no downtime.

Types of Laser hair Removal in Iran

1.     ND: YAG LASER (Best for dark skin)
2.     ALEXANDRITE LASER (Best for olive skin)
3.     DIODE LASER (Best for fair to medium-dark skin)
4.     ALEXANDRITE LASER (Best for olive skin)
5.     DIODE LASER (Best for fair to medium-dark skin)
6.     RUBY LASER (Best for very fair skin)

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4 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine of beauty center in Iran

  1. IPL Laser Hair removal Machine in Iran: (Best for Professional Beauty Salon): If you are planning to provide hair remove treatment in your beauty salon, this professional IPL laser epilation machine would be your better choice.
  2. Vinmax E-light OPT Laser Hair Removal in Iran: (Best cheap Professional choice) : It is another professional grade skin rejuvenation and epilation machine. Similar to other products, this one also utilizes laser to remove the stubborn hairs on bulbs, armpit, and even pubic area. It is suitable for beauty shop owner having tight budget, as this laser hair removal machine has a relatively inexpensive price.
  3. Vansaile IPL Professional Laser Hair Removal: (Best for darker skin) : This is a versatile professional laser beauty machine. With the use of different filters, it emits lasers having different wavelengths. For example, 640 to 1200 nm laser can be used for hair removal, and 430 to 1200 nm light can be used to treat acne. Other functions include skin resurfacing, redness or pigmentation treatment.
  4. Skin act IPL /SPTF Machine: (Best multipurpose Professional Laser Epilation): Nowadays, it is difficult to find a professional beauty laser machine designed for hair removal only. Instead, the device would incorporation multiple functions such as skin rejuvenation, pigmentation & acne treatment.


2 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine of Home use in Iran

1. Silk n Sensepil Professional Grade: (Best at Home Permanent Hair removal Machine): If you need a light and professional laser hair removal device, this would be your best choice. This instrument allows you to perform laser hair removal anywhere in your home or at any time, and you no longer need to use painful waxing. Or use a razor that doesn’t last long.
2. Philips Lumea Prestige (Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine for Home Use): If you want to have a better and more professional laser hair removal device, this product will be your best choice. This is a portable hair removal device; it can help you remove armpits, limbs, face, lips, and other excessive body hair. Since it uses professional IPL laser technology, this hair removal device is suitable for people with darker skin, but the hair needs to be dark.

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Who is not suitable for laser?

1.     People who has hormonal disorders
2.     People who use certain medications
3.     People who has specific diseases
4.     People who Repeated herpes
5.     People who active infection such as pus
6.     Pregnant people
7.     Taking drugs containing gold
8.     People who Diseases like lupus
9.     People who Isotretinoin consumption

Tips of hair Removal before doing it

1.     Removing hair before laser
2.     Apply gel after laser to relieve pain
3.     Be sure to use the protective goggles provided
4.     Avoid going to the sauna and pool for the first three days after laser hair removal
5.     Use sunscreen before hiking
6.    Don’t expose yourself to sunlight a week after the laser

Price of laser hair removal for women in Iran

Treatment areaPrice to IRR
The whole face
Behind the lips
Whole hand
Whole leg
Waist area
On the hips
Full Body
500000 RRI
300000 RRI
300000 RRI
400000 RRI
200000 RRI
200000 RRI
200000 RRI
1500000 RRI
800000 RRI
800000 RRI
800000 RRI
3000000 RRI
1400000 RRI
1400000 RRI
1000000 RRI
1000000 RRI
1300000 RRI
5000000 RRI
6000000 RRI

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