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Corona virus Attack on World

February 11, 2020 0 Comments medical-news
According to data Feb. 4, doctors identified 3887 newly approved infections, most of them in Hubei. In addition, 65 people died in Hubei last day. The number of people killed by the Corona virus in China has reached 414, with 13552 infected. In addition to China, the disease is registered in 23 countries, including Russia. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified the Corona virus it is an emergency situation.
Following the widespread outbreak of the new virus, the Iranian government last Friday decided to halt flights between China and Iran. China has quarantined 4 million people. With the ban of the Chinese government and other countries, the absence of Chinese tourists in the Asia-Pacific region is strongly felt and will affect the tourism industry in the region.
The spread of the Corona virus in Wuhan has forced the Chinese government to ban all tourist tours and hotel, flight packages, and we now seeing its dramatic impact on the tourism industry around the world. China is the world’s largest foreign travel tourism market. This country had sent 4.5 million tourists to around the world in 2000. In 2018, it reached 150 million tourists. According to the UN World Tourism Agency. The Chinese are investors in the tourism industry.

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