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Sepandarmazgan (Persians Love)

February 24, 2020 0 Comments iran-events

Persian have a rich culture with many great feasts based on natural occasions that have mixed up with happiness & joy. In ancient Iran, each day of the month had a name and all months had 30 days. Sepandarmazgan is known as the Persian “Day of Love”.


The day of Sepandarmazgan was held in the Great Persian Empire in the 20th century BC. This day is registered on Bahman 29th in the Iranian Calendar, only 3 days After Valentine, which coincided this year with Feb.18, the customs dates back to the Zoroastrian tradition. Sepandarmazgan is a day to honor women’s status and shows Iranians respected woman since ancient times and shows Iranians respected woman since ancient time.


On this day, Women and girls sat on the throne and men and boys had to obey them and bring those presents and gifts. In this way, men were reminded to acclaim and respect women. However, in general, Sepandarmazgan which is the symbol of humbleness, modesty and love means modest toward the entire creation. Sepandarmaz was an angel and keeper of Earth and the breeder of all creations on Earth.


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