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Introducing Iran

Introducing Iran

Where is Iran?

In this article I want to introducing Iran. Iran (officially known as Islamic Republic of Iran) is a country located in the Middle East of Asia. Iran has one of the richest cultures and histories in the world. The history of Iran dates back to thousands of years ago.  Iran has a population of approximately 80 million people, and it’s amongst the top 20 most populated countries in the world. It is the neighbor to countries like Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and Armenia, and is located above two of the famous oceans in the world, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Introducing Iran has many various aspects. Some of the beautiful Islands located in these seas are controlled by Iran, as touristic Islands of Qeshm and Kish. The capital of our country is Tehran, one of the most architecturally magnificent cities in the world. Famous touristic cities you may have heard of before, such as Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd are located in our beautiful country. These cities are the some of the historical landmarks of education, culture and art. Iran plays a politically powerful role in the region, as it has a rich supply of natural resources.
Iran Beauty
You can look up the touristic spots of Iran with a simple Google search

What Language is Spoken in Iran?

One of the aspects of introducing Iran is introducing the language that Iranian people spoken by it. Here in Iran, we have a diversity of nations, people and therefore, languages. The official language of Iran is Farsi or sometimes known as Persian, which is also the language of the press, media and science. More than 100 million people speak Farsi, most of them located in Iran, and the rest located in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Iraq. Persian has many different dialects, and more than half the population speak one of the dialects of Persian. You can easily feel the difference of dialect with a little effort in cities like Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan. But Farsi is not the only language spoken in Iran. In Kurdestan, people talk Kurdish and a significant percent of the society in cities like Azerbaijan and Ardebil and even Tehran speak Turkish. Our version of Turkish is different from the Turkish spoken in Turkey. In Lorestan, people talk Lori, which is one of the many languages spoken in our country.

Where is Tehran?

Introducing the capital of Iran is one of the most important aspects of introducing Iran Tehran is the capital of Iran and one of the most populated cities in our country. Tehran is the largest city in Western Asia and is famous for its night life compared to other cities in the country. Tehran has some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, some of the most famous museums and high end restaurants and magnificent shopping malls.
In Tehran, you can never run out of places to visit and new things to do. New little spots always pop out in the corner of the city to surprise you at every moment. Street sellers, selling handmade items or food, street artists playing music, or the extremely crowded entrance of a Metro station brings life to the beautiful capital. The night life in Tehran contains mostly of eating out, as many quality fast food restaurants are open past 1 am to serve the hungry young customers! The city never sleeps, and you can see lighted up buildings in the horizon and highways crowded with vehicles even in the middle of the night. The traffic is almost always insane, and it can take a long journey to travel in the rush hours. Hopefully, your favorite playlist can always come in handy in these situations!
If you prefer to have fun in the afternoon, you can try visiting beautiful and intellectual cafes of Tehran, trying delicious coffees and famous Iranian pastries. You can visit bookstores, or have lunch in one of the traditional restaurants of Farahzad, eat Kebab and even try Hookah if you are interested! In the afternoon, the weather is perfect for visiting the Chitgar Lake, enjoy feeding the ducks, riding the bike, trying delicious yogurt ice cream and even hop on a boat for a fun ride around the lake!
In the mornings, you can visit famous museums or have breakfast with your friends, as in Iran we serve some of the best omelets in the world for breakfast. You can try Iranian tea with your breakfast which is sweetened by a yellow candy called Nabat. You can also enjoy a walk in some of the most magnificent parks and natural areas in the city, and you can visit Bam E Tehran, if you want to see Tehran under your feet, or go Bunge jumping, ride the Telecabin or go Skiing.

What to Wear in Iran?

Wear hijab is one of the most important aspects of the introducing Iran Most of the population of Iran are Muslims, and the official religion of Iran is Islam, so you have to wear a Hijab if you are a woman. But don’t worry, it’s not as strict or difficult as you might imagine. Here in Iran, we cover our heads with beautiful colorful scarfs, available for every budget or taste, in every color, size or material. You can mix and match the items in your wardrobe to create a fashionable look that is appropriate to wear in Iran. Many of the women tourists try wearing leggings with skirt and a long shirt, and they always seem to enjoy the difference of culture and clothing. Men do not need to cover their arms or feet, however it is more appropriate to wear long pants instead of shorts, even in the summer.
Do NOT forget to visit the big luxury shopping malls in Tehran, as they are one of the biggest most populated entertainment centers in the capital. For foreigners, these malls are usually extremely affordable and we promise you a good time visiting some of the famous malls in Tehran: Palladium (located just next to our headquarters), Megamall, Opal, Tirazhe, Tehranmall, etc.
shopping center intro iran
Shopping center | varied, cheap and high quality

How to Get Around in Iran?

In this part I want to explain transportation of Iran, another aspect of introducing Iran. Dependent on the city you are visiting, there are many different means of transportation. In big cities like Tehran, Isfahan or Shiraz you can use the Iranian versions of Uber, “Snapp” and “Tap30”. These are usually extremely cheap and are the best option to get to any place you want, any time of the day. You can use private Taxi Services and agencies as well, which are a little more expensive and cannot be found easily. You can use Taxi lines, which are located at certain parts of the city, and if you are in cities with a Train line, you can use Metro to get to your destination. BRT buses are also available in Tehran. Public transportation is quite advanced in the capital, and you can get around very easily. It’s worth the experience to try one of the public transportation services in Tehran, you can see many sellers in the trains of Metro, trying to sell you anything, from cupcakes to headphones, and from toothpastes to contouring pallets!
rent a car intro iran
Rent a Car! | if you want to drive Iran by car, we provide it for you

What to Eat in Iran?

Eating is one of the most interesting aspects of introducing Iran
If there is one thing to do in this place, that’s trying different restaurants and cafes. We spend a lot of our free times in cafes and restaurants with our friends and companions, trying different Cesar salads for a change! You may want to go the other way, towards the traditional food of Iran, which is said to be very delicious and mouthwatering by a lot of the tourists. Try Ash, Halim, Kebab and Latife, which is a type of pastry made with whipped cream. Every city in Iran has a set of special foods of its own. From dinner to dessert, don’t forget to try the special food of every city, as that is a must while visiting Iran. In Iran, we live for quality food and sweets, so be careful not to miss out.
Iranian food and restaurant
Iranian food and restaurant | Persian rice

Why Travel to Iran?

In all parts of the site, the reasons for traveling to Iran are stated separately as well as, the introducing Iran and the reasons for traveling to Iran is clear In short, Iran is beautiful. It has so much tourism potential that is missed often due to its political situation and only tourists who have visited the country know about the livelihood and the beauty of our country. The misconceptions and accusations made towards our lovely country almost always vanish the second tourists arrive and start their travel experience. The people of Iran are very pleasant with tourists and are often overly excited when they encounter a tourist up close. We are very friendly and accepting towards foreign cultures, and a lot of literature and foreign studies students in Iran are highly familiar with the culture and language of Japan, China and Korea. They almost always welcome any opportunity to meet with foreign people and make friends for life. There are so many mesmerizing famous natural and historical spots to visit in the country, especially in cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kish and Qeshm. You can look up the touristic spots of Iran with a simple Google search.
Here in Iran Traveler Service, we welcome you wholeheartedly, you can count on us for a fabulous trip! Happy Visiting!
Like iran introducing iran
Like Iran | there will be no place

How’ the weather/climate in Iran?

It is important for a traveler and tourist to know the destination’s climate Therefore, in this section, we want to introduce the climate of IranYou need to pack appropriate clothing and if needed, go shopping to prepare for your trip. Iran Traveler Services provides accurate information on the climates and weather in different parts of Iran. Iran has a hot and dry climate in most parts of the country. Generally, in Iran, summers are long and quite hot, and winters are short and rather cool. However, in some states you may experience extremely cold winters and high amounts of rain and snow. In Iran, the climate can vary from state to state. You can see a lot of different climate patterns in different touristic cities. In north and south of the country, you will experience higher levels of humidity. In the northern parts of Iran, there is a higher chance for rain and snow as well, and the southern parts are generally very hot, especially during the summer. In every region in Iran, you will experience a different climate and therefore different day by day weather in the four seasons. It is best to have in mind the places you want to visit in Iran, plus the season you are traveling in, so you can pack your bag accordingly. Iran Traveler Services can give you consultation on the types of clothing you need to bring with yourself based on the tour package you choose. Feel free to contact us before your trip.
How’ the weather/climate in Iran?

What type of money is used in Iran?

Type of money is one the important aspects of introducing Iran. In Iran, there are two common currencies used for money. The first one tbat is also the official currency of Iran is called “Rial.” Rial is not the most common currency used by the people, however as it is the official currency, it is used on the paper money, coins and in the banking system. Therefore, you have to be familiar with Rial if you are planning to travel to Iran. Toman is the most commonly used and known currency in Iran. If you plan on shopping, this is the currency you will hear if you ask the price of something in the store. It is easier to use because it has less zero in its written form. The difference between these two currencies is easily understandable:
10 rial = 1 toman
In Iran, paper money, coins and checks are used for shopping and buying different goods. Transferring money to other cards and online shopping is also very common in Iran. Being familiar with different types of paper money and coins can be very helpful for a tourist. Iran Traveler Services will introduce some of the most important and widely used money types in Iran for your convenience:

10000 rial or 1000 toman bill

10000 rials in Iran

20000 rial or 2000 toman bill

20000 rial in iran

50000 rial or 2000 toman bill

50000 rial in iran

100000 rial or 2000 toman bill

100000 rial in iran

500000 rial or 2000 toman bill

500000 rial in iran

1000000 rial or 2000 toman bill

1000000 rial in iran
1000 rial or 100 toman coin
2000 rial or 200 toman coin
5000 rial or 500 toman coin
In below, you can find out the price of some of the commonly bought and used goods all around the globe for getting a picture of currency and prices in Iran:
Bottled Water: 1500 toman
Gum: 2000 to 4000 toman
CocaCola: 2500 toman
Icecream: 1000 to 5000 toman
A small notebook: 2000 to 15000 toman
An average cellphone: 1500000 toman
Make sure to ask for help if you need more information on Iran’s currency or need help for exchanging money.

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