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Export of Lentils


Lentils are one of the oldest grains that has planted on the earth. There are five types them that is the most popular of others.  The types of lentils in Iran are included: Brown, green, yellow, red and black. The benefits of this seed are enormous such as: Lower blood cholesterol, maintain optimal levels of blood normal sugar, prevent diabetes, improve digestion, prevent constipation, reduce cardiovascular disease. The annual production of beans in Iran is more than 800 thousand tons. Due to high quality, Iranian lentils are exported to other countries, especially to Iraq, in addition, its providing domestic needs, too. Our business company has a close relationship with farmers who produce lentils. It’s a big reason that businessmen can easily have exported grains such as lentils from Iran to their country. The company usually provides the highest quality goods at the most reasonable prices for businessmen from past to present.in addition the company guarantees be with businessmen in all sections of the visit and selection of the manufacturer, concluding a purchase contract, money transfer, administrative and customs steps, transfer and accommodation of businessmen to visit their order, inspection of goods before shipment, quality control of the package Sorting, etc.


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