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Export of flowers and plants

Export of flower and plants                  

Iran is the seventeenth of producer flower and plant in the world. This country is one of the rich countries in native and wild flowers and plants and it has very valuable genetic resources, especially in flowers and plants. Iran annually exports more than 2,356 tons of flowers, plants and plants to 23 countries. 3 billion branches of flowers and plants are produced annually in Iran which 200 million of them are branches of flowers and houseplants. Vietnam, Iraq, Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan are the countries that importing Iranian flowers.

Based on statistics, Iran’s share in rose flower exports among other countries is significant. Iran’s rank is fifth among Asian countries, in this regard. There are more than 150 types of roses. that have special characteristics. The rose flower is known as the queen of flowers in the world. Many products are produced from this flower such as: Perfume, tea, jam, essential oils.


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