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Export Mushroom

Export Mushroom :


There are so many kinds of mushroom in Iran, such as white bottom mushroom, crimono mushroom, portabello mushroom, maitake mushroom, oyster mushroom, truffle mushroom, etc. these mushrooms are harvested and produced from nature and in greenhouses. Mushrooms are a great alternative to meat. In addition, it has many benefits such as Health of skin, hair, weight loss, increase the immune system, etc. more than 180000 tons of mushrooms are produced annually in Iran. In addition, its providing domestic needs, mushrooms are also exported to Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Oman. The high volume of mushroom production in Iran indicates favorable climatic conditions for the growth of this useful plant. A2z commercial travel company has close relationships with Mushroom producers throughout of Iran. We Guarantee doing 0 to 100 trade this product fast and easily.

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