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Export Cajanus – Yellow Split Pigeon Peas

Export Cajanus - Yellow Split Pigeon Peas  

Split Yellow Pigeon Peas are part of the legume family. Our nutritious range of Pigeon peas is naturally cultivated in the humid and temperate areas of Iran for small periods every year using the best farming practices. Benefits: 3G Protein per serving. yellow split peas can help keep you healthy. They may help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Eating more yellow split peas may even help you maintain a healthier weight.as well as, it’s one of the most popular seed in Iran that used in Iranian food much. this volume of production is exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, Qatar and Kuwait.in addition, its providing domestic needs, too. A2z business company is providing in-person shopping and online shopping for businessmen. The purpose of this company is direct supply of the product from the producer to the consumer to reduce costs and lower the final price of the product. In our collection, there are different types of Iranian Yellow-Split-Pigeon-Peas that offered in different qualities and different prices according to the customer’s needs. You can contact to company’s consultants to receive the price list of Yellow-Split-Pigeon-Peas.

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