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Export Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment  

Iran is located in a very good situation so that it has fifteen borders with other countries. In addition, Iran has exported kinds of goods to more than 140 coutries too. One of the series popular goods that exported too much to Germany, Italy ,Switzerland, Netherlands  and Belgium recently, is Medical Equipment. More than 200 kinds of medical equipment producing in Iran.   Production of more than 200 types of medical equipment is done in Iran, the country has succeeded in obtaining international standards, including CE approval for the production of these products. As well as, number of medical equipment manufacturers in Iran is 450. All these positive factors in Iran have led to the growth and development of exports of medical products in Iran, so that the number of countries that want to import this product to their country is increasing day by day. If you want to have a bussiness of these prodoucts,A2ZIRAN complex is ready to guide you 0 to 100  of this way.there are list of Iran’s medical export products In the table below.


List of export pharmaceutical industry  goods and medical equipment

1Tabletop Centrifuges High Speed
2Diagnostic Reagents for viral infections
3burn bandage
4simple sterile medical gauze
5Long Gauze
6Elastic bandage
7X-Ray non sterile medical gauze
8X-Ray non sterile medical gauze
9 Spatula
10Laboratory Equipment
11Tongue Depressor
12Safety Box
14Medical Surgical instrument
15Nano Tampon
16Anesthesia Machine
18Blood Preventer Foam Dressing
19Wound Healing Gel
20Hemo Gauze
21Dental Tampon
22Nasal Tampon
23Absorbent dressing of wound exudate and odor
24Hemostatic coating
25Foam Wound Healing
26First Aid Kit
27Petrolatum Gauze for Medical
28Dressing inactive Cavity Wound Healing
29Absorbent dressing of Wound exudate
30Needle-Free Injector Unit
31Cavity wound
32Emergency Bandage
33Electric Surgical Table
34ICU/CCU Electrical Examianation Beds Unit ICU-CCU
35General Beds Unit
36Unsterile Medical Gauze
37 C-Arm C-ARM Bed
38Dialysis unit
39Stretcher Unit
40Gynecologic Beds unit
41Electrical Pediatric Beds unit
42Electrical Brithing Beds unit
43Shower chair units
44Surgery Pack
45Surgical gown
46Disposable Hospital Nonwoven clothing
47Surgical Dropes & Packs
48Bone External Fixator
49Meniscus Manual Instruments
50Shoulder Manual Instruments
52Arthroscopy Shaver Blade
53Monopolar-Bypolar Generator
54Coblation Probe
55Surgical packs
56Ambulatory Infusion Pump Unit
57Electrical Birthing beds Unit
58(LED Surgical Light (OL-600M
59ICU/CCU Electrical Examination beds Unit
60Electric Surgical Table
61Electrohydraulic Table (OT-90H)
62Electromechanical Operating Table(OT-931E)
63Amplats Sheat
64Chemotherapy Infusion Sets
65 Stent Ureteral
66Urology Guide
67Chest tube
68Urinary/Ureteral Catheters
69High Pressure Line
72Luer Slip Syringe
73Blood Collection Tubes Evacuated
74Insulin Fixed Needle
75Protective Luer Lock
76Scalp Vein
77C-reactive Protein
78Blood Line Set(Arterial-Set)
79Fistula Arterio Venous
80Allograft bio-implant
81Skin Allograft
82Tendon Allograft
83Heart Valve
84Medical Compressed Air Systems
85Oxygen Generator Unit
86Luer Lock
87Surgical Instruments
88Surgical Packs
89Nut/Set Screw
90Spinal Implants
91Non-Looking screw 4.5 system
92Long Arm Screw
93Tibial Interlocking Nail
94Interlocking Nail Screw
95Mechanical pediatric beds Unit
96Electrical General Beds Unit
97 (CPR) CPR Beds Unit
98Gynecologic Beds
99Electrical Examination beds
100Electrical Birthing beds
101Iontophoresis Units, Anhidrotic
102Navigation  Surgical Navigation System(compo, compo+,OV4)
103Diode Laser Unit  
104Pas Band
105Patient Roller
108 Torniquets Strap
109Disposable EMG EP Electrode
110Surgical Latex
111Cavity Wound
112Aid plaster
113Sterile medical gauze
114Unsterile medical gauze
115Luer Lock syringe with needle (20ml luer lock 3 pieces syringe)
116Luer slip syringe with needle
117Reagents for measurement of Lipids & Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
118Reagents for measurement of different types of electrolytes & blood gases
119Reagents for measurement of bone & mineral metabolism
120Helicobacter pylori ImmunoAssay Reagents / H pylori Antigen Detection
121Diagnostic Reagents for Anemia
122Immunochemistry Reagents  Triiodothyronine
123Reagents for measurement of Kidney metabolites/Cortisol
124Reagents for measurement of Lipids
125Carcinoembryonic Antigen
126Dehydro epiandrosterone Sulphate and Dehydro epiandrosterone
127D Reagents for measurement of 25Hydroxyvitamin D
128Blood Bag
129 (Novin S1600) Beside Patient Monitor Device & Portable (Novin S1600)
130 (Aria) Beside Patient Monitor Device & Portable Aria
131DENA650,350  Electrocardiograph DENA650,350
132 (Alborz B9-18.5) Beside Patient Monitor Device & Portable (Alborz B9-18.5)
133 (Alborz B5) Beside Patient Monitor Device & Portable (Alborz B5)
134Central Station Unit Sahand
135 (Zagross) Beside Patient Monitor Device & Portable Zagross
136 (Novin S1800)  Beside Patient Monitor Device & Portable Novin S1800
137Adult Intensive Care Ventilator Unit
138Urine Albumin - Microalbuminuria
139Immunoglobulin E - Total
140Follicle Stimulating Hormone
141Neonatal Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
142H pylorie Antibody IgA
143Cancer Antigen 125
144Diagnostic Reagents for Anemia
145Diagnostic Reagents for peptides & endocrine hormones
146Bionic Dental Implant System
147Aphakia frontal Chamber
148Aphakia Posterior Chamber
149Ring eye capsule
150Injector Cartridge
151Medical paper & Film (use for medical device packaging)
152 IV Cannula
153HemoDialysis Filter
154Heypodermic Luer Luck syringe with needle
155Heypodermic Luer Slip syringe with needle
156 Tissue Stabilizer
157Insulin syringe
158Urine collection bag
159Infusion set
160 Infusion Buret Set
161Dental Needle
162Arterio Venous fistula Needle set
163Hypodermic needle
164Hemorrhoids Electherapy
165 ECG Computerized ECG DeviceDG7000
166Stress Exercise System
167Electrocardiograph ECG Machine
168Cardiac Rehabilitation System
169Luer Slip Syringe
170Insulin Syringe
171Prophy Pastes
172Calcium Hydroxide
173 Dressing
174 Condom
175Fiberglass orthopedic bandage
176surgical packs
177ECG ECG Holter recorder unit
178Sterile Medical Gauze
179Unsterile Medical Gauze
180burn bandage
181Woven edge bandage
182Elastic bandage
183Plaster of paris bandage
184Fiberglass bandage
185Under cast bandage
186Fiberglass Splints
187Plaster of paris splint
188Children venipuncture fixator splint
189Ultrasound Coupling Gel
190Delay Gel
191Fertility Pregnancy RT and POC
192Amphetamines RT
193Rheumatoid Inflammatory Diseases Markers
194Syphilis Antigen Antibody Tests
195mechanical General beds Unit
196mechanical pediatric beds Unit
197Stretcher Unit
198Electrical Brithing Beds
199 Dialysis Chairs Unit
200Interlocking Nail Screw
201orthopedic Plaque
202orthopedic screw
203laboratory kit
204Anterior Phaco Unit
205Posterior Phaco Unit
206 ECG
208Suction Tip
209 c-arm  c-arm cover
210Microscope Cover
211Camera Cover
212HemoDialysis Filter
213Anesthesia Machine
215Ventilator Unit
216Patient Monitor
217Medical suction
218 EEG EEG unit
219Digital Microscope
220Biological Microscope
221Spinal Implants
222surgical packs
223Fertility Pregnancy RT and POC
224Drugs of Abuse Toxicology RT and POC
225Scalp Vein
226burn bandage
228Long Gauze
229Woven edge bandage
230Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles
232 Sterilizing Units Steam Tabletop
233orthopedics & support
235mouth guards
236Endometrial Sampling
237 IUI IUI Catheter
239Umbilical Cord Clamps
240Speculom Vaginal
241Petri Dishes
242Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyser
243 Luminometer
244Bilirubin Analyser
245Eye surgery knives
246Ocular Sponges
248Aphakia Posterior Chamber
249Capsular Tension Ring

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