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Business tourism in Iran

May 25, 2021 0 Comments business-in-iran

Business tourism in Iran


Iran has more than 100000 tourist attractions, in addition Iran has 2300 National works. Iran is also the second country in the world in natural gas reserves and also the fourth country in proven crude oil. Its main exports and imports to Iraq, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. In addition to neighboring countries, it also exports Products of agricultural, mineral, livestock, horticultural to European and American countries.

Traders were interested in Iran and many Trade were made in this country due to being on the Silk Road in many years ago until now. The cities of Qeshm, Chabahar, Aras, Anzali, Mako and Kish Island are among the commercial tourist attractions of this country. Today as before, Variety of products, the quality of products and the low price of products compared to the world price is the most important reason for the prosperity of Iran’s exports.


The most important export goods of Iran


Iran’s most important export products, which are exported to Asian, European and American countries, include: Types of cement, dairy products, citrus fruits, herbs, tomatoes and tomato paste, water coolers, vegetable oil, industrial valves, All kinds of plastics, all kinds of iron or profiles, industrial oils, flooring, bitumen and oil, ceramic tiles, lemons and lemon juice, industrial valves, all kinds of sweets and chocolates, all kinds of soaps and detergents, copper cathodes, Saffron, licorice, dates, gypsum, shrimp, methanol, iron ore, Chemicals, chemical fertilizers, raw skin, polyethylene, ammonia, lead, apple juice, grape juice, copper pipe, melamine, livestock, plant materials, precious and semi-precious stones, alfalfa, sumac, rubble and gravel, products Antioxidants, expanded clay, rose, gypsum, stone powder, onion and shallot, aluminum products, Coal, various types of mushrooms, livestock corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, soybean meal, crushing and molding machines, Medicinal supplements, salt and sulfur, mineral fuels and mineral oils, , Land vehicles other than trams and railways, and lead products, Vegetable Extracts, Wool,cotton,tea,honey,carpets.

Whether you are interested in importing or exporting, the A2Z business travel company is ready for both of them. This country is famous for exporting gas, oil, carpet, saffron, caviar and many other items. The A2Z business travel company is also ready to answer the needs of its eager people for purchasing from famous brands of the world. In the case that you are interested in doing any business with Iran, Hotel reservation, provide driver and translator, appointments with wholesalers and factory owners, demonstrate manufacturing and industrial plants, money exchange, Direct monitoring of products, Loading and transporting and all customs activities. it would be our pleasure to be your host, focusing on the field of your business, we are ready for arranging for your meetings and plan visiting Iran attractions.


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